Learning, Literacy & Lulz (Drexel SPARK! Librarian talk)

For several years I have been researching the meme subculture on Facebook, which spans diverse topics and involves millions of participants. My focus is on the educational niche, where a rising new generation of punk academics experiment with public education through pop-cultural meme remix as part of a discourse with the broader internet community. This lecture is an introduction to this unique cultural phenomenon.

I gave this talk at the November 2017 Drexel SPARK! Librarian workshop. It was later adapted into a 10 minute lighting talk at the ACRL DVC Fall 2017 Conference, “Fact, False, or Just Flawed: Critically Examining News in the Age of Truthiness”.

In 2018, I expanded this talk into a workshop: “Memes as Tools for Educational Communication”.


Full video of the workshop available here (I am the second speaker, starts half-way in):

(video embed to be added)