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NaNo Rebel Challenge

In high school I really enjoyed doing challenges like C25K and NaNoWriMo with my close friends. However, in college I didn’t even attempt to do any due to the overwhelming school workload and also due to pet projects taking over my life. Now that I’ve graduated and I have much more free time, less stress and more mental space, I decided to hit up my old buddies (as well as some new ones) and take on some challenges once more.

New Domain and Future Plans

Just created a new domain! It only took me forever to figure out all the DNS stuff. Doing it all from scratch is pretty fun actually. Evetually, the plan is to have all my random stuff from all over housed in some kind of systematic way here. I really admire what Gwern does, it’s pretty much my ideal/dream personal website. I want to have all my resource-compiling/squirreling, research, writing, and everything in here. I might even include a meme gallery :) It would be both “my favorite images” as well as stuff I’ve made. For now it’s just my design portfolio. Also everything is currently just in this little subdomain but eventually I might split it up, expand and move it to make better use of the domains and subdomains.

Hello World

Just created this portfolio website. I’ll eventually be updating it, adding new projects, and moving the domain, but here it is for now, enjoy :)