Tea Packaging

Apple and rose hip are the favorite flavors of tea in Turkey, which has a rich tea-drinking tradition. Despite its current popularity, tea only became the beverage of choice in Turkey in the 20th century. It was initially encouraged as an alternative to coffee, which had become expensive and at times unavailable in the aftermath of World War I.

tea kit

This herbal tea kit takes for its theme the interaction between organic forms in traditional Turkish art and the geometric simplicity of modernism. The hexagonal exterior structure houses a flowing, organic interior softly divided into sections by green membranes. Despite the complexity of the interior, the packaging is fully collapsible.

back side

poster tiny

poster tiny

Tea in Turkey is traditionally served with sugar cubes, which are rarely found in America, so the kit also contains a little box of sugar cubes in order to bring the full experience of Turkish tea to the drinker.

side view

up and down